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31 May

Foreplay with myself over I start to slide my hand over my length, balls to tip, even steady slow strokes twisting my hand and wrist as I do so to ensure a nice even coating and feeling is offered.The leakage though contained and not making it through to the outer layer of my trousers, thank fuck for that!I decide the boxers have to go, the cooling juices are not going to help my concentration and the fear that it may eventually pass through to be visible on my trousers just that nightmare scenario all over again.Simply put, the feeling of a massive load blasting up my shaft and out the tip makes me feel really good.The internal tube that carries the load being stretched to accommodate the wads of hot semen, the pulse, throb, ache as it passes up my shaft then erupts out of the head. I'd not ever trade my 7 Inches give or take depending on the day, weather, mood or who's working me or sucking me for another few Inches in length or girth, not a chance. I'll happily stick with my personally pleasing powerful orgasms and the ball shaking, eye ball quaking orgasms and loads I can produce any day.

A decent ejaculation mechanism that can, fire out a heavy load, in volume and over distance.Not quite Peter North standards, but enough and with enough quantity and force to fuck up the back of a woman's throat or make them seriously double take and be left with a look of shock when I let a load go.