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05 Mar

Could you tell us how you left Islam to become a Christian?

But sura 33 of the Quran tells of Muhammad’s desire for Zaynab, the wife of his adopted son Zayd, and how he persuaded Zayd to divorce her so that he could marry her.

I then had personal experiences that convinced me that Jesus was with me and I began to follow him.

Abdallah’s wife Amina immediately became pregnant, and Abdallah died several months later.

But the son of Abd al-Mutallib and his new wife, Muhammad’s uncle Hamza, was four years older than Muhammad.

I believe this supposed light is just a fable with no basis in fact.SAYF: In comparison, what does the Quran say about the birth of Jesus?In , Jesus spoke from the cradle to the relatives of Mary.Did the Quran say anything like this about the birth of Muhammad?SAYF: At one stage of my life as a Muslim, I was very religious.I would not allow music in my house or greet a woman.SAYF: Are there miracles associated with Amina’s pregnancy and Muhammad’s birth in Islamic sources? In “The Book of the Major Classes”, historian Ibn Sa’d writes that during her pregnancy a light shone from Amina’s womb that was seen in the palaces of Busra in Syria. ABUNA: They say this light shone both when she was pregnant, and when she gave birth to Muhammad.My question is, if this really happened why did Amina die an unbeliever, and why did she not even want to see Muhammad after his birth as we have explained in previous episodes.